Bigfork Technologies

Our Story

In late 2001, Christine Jones joined a tiny little Internet start-up with the crazy name, Go Daddy. As the company’s first lawyer, she developed Go Daddy’s legal operations from the ground up. Despite joining a technology company, she quickly discovered that technology devoted to operating in-house law departments was basically non-existent.

When Tanya Avila joined the Go Daddy legal department a few years later, she and Christine put their heads together to tackle a problem that many legal departments still face today - too many versions of customer agreements and no great way to manage them.

Although the Internet was growing crazy fast at that time, the market hadn’t caught up with demand, and solutions for in-house lawyers had to be home grown. So, they created a system, with the help of the Go Daddy dev team, to manage multiple EULAs, policies, customer agreements, and the like for the Go Daddy family of companies, which had grown to include a broad array of subsidiaries.

Since then, they have both focused on finding ways to develop and implement repeatable, template-able, sustainable processes and technologies to improve the measurability, efficiency, standardization, and effectiveness of their respective legal teams, in a variety of contexts.

While “legal technology” has become increasingly more available in the intervening years, most off-the-shelf products are still designed for law firms and other professional services firms. Although well intended, most solutions available today do not take into consideration that in-house law departments are business units, and not traditional professional services organization. This has left many in-house lawyers where Christine and Tanya started – without perfect solutions.

Because in-house workloads, work-flows and work processes are intertwined with business in a way most existing legal technology does not support, and because they have felt the pain of spending tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars on tools that fail to consolidate all in-house legal needs in one place, Christine and Tanya decided to turn their experiences into a market solution.

So, they enlisted the help of their former Go Daddy colleague, Neil Proctor, and together they created a solution for in house lawyers by in house lawyers. They call it “ALOE.”

  • More than 50 years of combined legal and technology experience.
  • Locations in Phoenix and Austin
  • Named after Bigfork, Montana. Because it sounds cool.

Meet the Team

  • Christine Jones CEO A leader in technology law, privacy, cybersecurity, network security, and other critical infrastructure issues
  • Neil Proctor CTO Designed and created mass scale technology products for manufacturing and internet companies
  • Tanya Avila General Counsel Focused on integrating legal strategy, operational efficiency into the legal department in technology companies