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Built By Business and Technology Experts

Built by the original in house lawyers and tech experts who helped grow GoDaddy into a billion dollar company, our legal operations software is the result of more than seventy years of combined business and legal technology experience working for Fortune 500 companies, law firms, technology companies, government agencies and nonprofits. Our legal operations software works because the contract and project management processes have been proven through trial and error in many different settings over many years.

Throughout their distinguished careers, owners Christine Jones, Tanya Avila, and Maria Syms created ways to overcome the contract and project management pain points that stood in the way of their clients’ success. Along the way, they lived the frustration of manual processes like searching through thousands of emails, creating standard documents from scratch, searching for misplaced documents, and managing their workforce with complicated excel spreadsheets that rarely hit the mark. They know all too well the time and money many waste on expensive, clunky software that is big on promises and short on solutions. Rather than continuing to invest in time-consuming manual processes and dust collecting shelfware, they came up with their own solutions that helped their clients improve and successfully grow their businesses over many years. The result of their experience is Bigfork Tech, a company dedicated to innovative, practical workflow and productivity solutions.

Team Bigfork Tech understands the keys to success are innovative solutions that not only save time and money but also foster seamless internal and external collaboration so a company can readily scale and expand its footprint.

Bigfork Tech’s legal automation software, ALOE, is the only fully customizable contract lifecycle management and project workflow solution that you will actually use because, unlike others, it adapts to the way you work rather than the other way around. ALOE is easy to use with immediate time, money, collaboration and risk management benefits to you and your team. ALOE consolidates all your contract and project management needs on one simple platform, including project tracking, contract management and document repository, matter management, and dynamic reporting. ALOE empowers you to manage matters in a way that works for you.

Team Bigfork Tech continues to innovate and provide solutions that are responsive to your needs. We deliver a complete solution that saves more than ten hours per person per week and allows you to walk into C-suite meetings with proof of success in hand. At Bigfork Tech, we remain true to our innovative beginnings and channel our combined expertise to maximize profits and success for you.

The Three Redheads Changing the Look of Workflow Automation and Legal Operations

Christine Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Christine is the former Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary for GoDaddy. Christine has been a leader in the fight to make the Internet better and safer for users, particularly children. She has testified numerous times before Congress and helped push through numerous bills such as the Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act, the Protect Our Children Act, and the Keeping the Internet Devoid of Sexual Predators Act. As an early leader in technology law, she has a unique understanding of the context and history of where we started and where we need to go on privacy, cybersecurity, network security/ stability, and other critical infrastructure issues. Currently semi-retired, Christine spends her time as a policy enthusiast, philanthropist, occasional republican political candidate, and entrepreneur. She is always looking for a way to serve.

Tanya Avila

General Counsel

After starting her legal career at a little known internet company (, Tanya moved to Austin, TX and made a habit of being the first in house counsel for start-up/high growth technology companies. Throughout her career, Tanya has focused on integrating legal strategy, operational efficiency and business sense into the role of the legal department in growing technology companies. As a graduate of Arizona State Univeristy and ASU College of Law, she is a member of the Arizona and Texas state bars. In her spare time, she watches HGTV, blogs about the inner workings of the in house legal department ( and enjoys spending time with the future boy band, “The Avila Boys”, aka her sons.

Maria Syms

President and COO

Maria started her career as a lawyer in the early nineties at a D.C. international law firm where she was given a clunky WANG computer that was far from “user-friendly”. Maria has ridden the technology wave (both good and bad) and understands how the right technology can be used to create value and grow your business.

Maria was a partner in a law firm representing multinational corporations, an Assistant United States Attorney and an Assistant Attorney General. Maria was also an Arizona lawmaker and was instrumental in passing legislation to set up a fintech sandbox to attract business development. She also sponsored and passed laws to strengthen criminal penalties against online sexual predators. The Arizona Technology Council recently recognized Maria as a strong and supportive leader in advancing the technology industry.

Maria holds a Master’s degree from Harvard, a law degree from American University and a bachelor’s degree from Smith College. She is admitted to the bars in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and D.C. When not helping clients with their legal tech needs, Maria spends time with her husband Mark, an ear surgeon, and their three fun and talented children Matthew, Meredith, and Marinna. Standard poodle Maizie rounds out their M&M family.