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Automating the Casino Back Office Creates a Unified Customer Experience

Gaming cards and keyboard: digital systems for back office automation.

The gaming and hospitality industry is constantly being pressed to stay competitive by delivering a world-class unified customer experience that includes food, beverage and entertainment, while still staying profitable. There are many moving administrative operations that must be in sync in order to achieve that goal. Without that coordination, customer service suffers interruptions and delays.

In order to assure the unified customer experience and the resulting increase in revenue and competitive advantage, the administrative operations of the gaming and hospitality industry must be unified and efficient and eliminate tasks that reduce workforce productivity.

One study estimates that the average employee loses 9 hours per week just searching through emails or locating documents.1 In addition, the delays caused by manual processes can mean contracts not being approved on time and services delayed. In a large casino operation, that translates to hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions left on the table each year – not to mention the reduced customer experience.

ALOE’s contract and project management software breaks down department silos and allows for the collaboration so important to success. It also saves time and money and reduces risk by eliminating many administrative tasks, allowing your workforce to focus on high value projects, and tracking documents.

ALOE’s easy to use one-stop-shop platform, helps your team:

  • Eliminate needless paperwork and emails.
  • Improve response times.
  • Generate templates for employment contracts, work orders, invoices, and purchase agreements.
  • Increase collaboration for better service.
  • Negotiate contracts across departments and streamline approvals.
  • Track key performance indicators and compliance.
  • Save time searching for documents.
  • Improve accuracy and risk management.

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