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Putting Patients Before Paperwork

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Healthcare professional going over patient documents.

At Bigfork Tech, we understand that productivity is the key to driving medical advances and patient care while meeting increasing demands and lowering costs. By automating workflows in a safe and secure manner that protects patient privacy, hospitals, health care companies, provider clinics, research institutions, and many more can create efficiencies, improve productivity, and save time and money so they can focus on the more important work of optimizing patient care and improving outcomes.

Most provider systems have not fully harnessed the ability of technology to safely automate certain tasks even though doing so would free up clinical staff for more complex patient care services.”1

Bigfork Tech’s contract lifecycle and project management software ALOE, offers a solution that helps healthcare entities collaborate and streamline their work processes so they can provide the best treatments and patient experiences. ALOE is transforming health care delivery systems to put the focus on people rather than repetitive paperwork. ALOE allows you to focus on patient care by helping your team:

  • Eliminate needless paperwork and emails.
  • Improve patient response times.
  • Generate templates.
  • Increase research and treatment collaboration.
  • Negotiate health care and provider contracts.
  • Track key performance indicators and compliance.
  • Improve accuracy and risk management.

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1 Sanni, Kumar, Levine, Singhai, “The Productivity Imperative for Healthcare Delivery in the United States”, McKinsey Center for US Health System Reform, February 2019.