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Automation Increases Workforce Productivity and Revenue

Managing workflow in a manufacturing plant.

With the ushering in of the Industry 4.0 era, manufacturers are recalibrating their operations to adopt a myriad of technology solutions ranging from autonomous robots and embedded computing to additive manufacturing like 3-D printing and everything in between. The choices can be overwhelming and lead some not to take full advantage of the productivity benefits of technology.

The most immediate and cost effective first step to greater efficiency is automating administrative tasks and processes across departments. ALOE’s automation offers manufacturers an opportunity to speed up the digital conveyor belt by breaking down department work silos, lowering response time and streamlining end-to-end value chains.

“[Manufacturers can] capture value fro the use of digital tools to organize schedules, cutting lead times, trimming in process inventories and ensuring that capacity is put to the most profitable use available.”1

Let ALOE help you streamline your processes and systems to create maximum efficiency. ALOE’s customized, easy to use automation software helps your team:

  • Eliminate needless paperwork and emails.
  • Save time searching for documents.
  • Break down workplace silos.
  • Improve response times.
  • Generate templates for standard documents like work orders, vendor and purchase agreements.
  • Increase collaboration across departments.
  • Negotiate contracts and streamline approvals.
  • Track key performance indicators and compliance.
  • Improve accuracy and risk management.

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1 McKinsey and Co., Mapping Heavy Industry’s Digital Manufacturing Opportunities, September 2018.