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Contract and Project Management Increases Productivity So More Dollars Go To Your Cause

Philanthropy is often seen as society’s risk capital. That means the onus is on philanthropists, nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs to innovate. But philanthropic innovation is not just about creating something new. It also means applying new thinking to old problems, processes and systems.

~Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, philanthropist

Nonprofits are constantly juggling their limited resources in order to ensure they have the money to fund the causes and people they are serving. This often comes down to having to prioritize, with projects and people having to wait their turn due to budget constraints. That is why it is so important for nonprofit leaders to find innovative ways to create efficiencies so more dollars can go toward their mission.

Donations flowing in to digital workflow system.

ALOE’s contract and project management software is a way for nonprofits to reallocate precious resources away from administrative paperwork and tasks to the more worthwhile causes they are championing. Our clients find that ALOE cuts their administrative work in half — no more searching through emails, recreating lost documents, deciphering complicated spreadsheets, or chasing down contract approvals. Nonprofit teams also report greater job satisfaction because they can focus more time on projects that actually matter to them rather than repetitive paperwork.

Let ALOE’s innovation help you streamline your processes and systems to create maximum efficiency and maximum resources for your mission. ALOE’s easy to use one-stop-shop platform, helps your nonprofit team:

  • Eliminate needless paperwork and emails.
  • Save time searching for documents.
  • Collaborate across departments.
  • Improve response times.
  • Generate templates for standard documents like grant requests, vendor contracts and event licenses.
  • Improve transparency and track donations.

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