THIS MANAGED ADMINISTRATION SERVICES ADDENDUM (this “Addendum”) reflects the parties’ agreement with respect to the terms governing the Managed Administration Service provided under the Bigfork Tech Service Agreement (the “Agreement”). This Addendum is effective upon its incorporation into the Agreement, which incorporation may be specified in the Order or an executed amendment to the Agreement.  Upon its incorporation to the Agreement, this Addendum will form a part of the Agreement.  The term of this Addendum shall follow the term of the Order indicating Customer’s selection of the Managed Administration Services.  Terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning as set forth in the Agreement.

  1. SERVICES.  Bigfork Tech will provide Managed Administration Services to Customer.  Such service shall include the day to day administrative needs of Customer as requested by Customers designated representative, including:
    1.  assisting in setting up or terminating users;
    2. Changing permission for boards, groups, or users;
    3. Adding fields, boards or statuses;
    4. Changing or modifying boards, fields, or statuses;
    5. Creating simple reports;
    6. Modifying dashboards;
    7. Managing alerts; and
    8. Serving as a liaison with Bigfork Tech’s Professional Service team for more complex Service requests.
  2. ACCESS.  As a part of this Service, Bigfork Tech will have limited access to Customer’s ALOE account.  Access will be limited to administrative areas and will only be expanded to view specific non-administrative data upon the specific, request of Customer’s designated representative. Customer acknowledges that such expanded access is at Customer’s request and risk.  While Bigfork Tech will faithfully comply with its privacy and confidentiality obligations, Bigfork Tech gives no warranties or representations that expanded access will not have an effect on any confidentiality or privilege claims Customer may make in any matter involving Customer’s data. 
  3. APPROVALS.  Before proceeding to executing any action in Customer’s account, Bigfork Tech must have Customer’s request and approval.  Such approval will be deemed given when a request is made by a designated Customer representative(s).
  4. CUSTOMER REQUESTS.  Customer will designate one or more individuals who will be authorized to make requests for the services provided hereunder.  Customer may change such designation by written notice to  Bigfork Tech reserves the right, but not the obligation, to verify such request prior to making any such change. 
  5. ADDITIONAL PROFESSIONAL SERVICES.  A request for Services not described in Section 1 may incur additional professional service fees.  Should a request be subject to additional fees, Bigfork Tech shall notify Customer of the additional fees prior to fulfilling the request.