What We Do

Bigfork Technologies created a suite of SaaS solutions that allows in-house lawyers to manage the law department's workload from intake to metrics reporting and every step in between. ALOE consolidates legal functions, including most companies’ current software applications, into one platform with one user name and one password. Think of it as one stop shopping for law department management.

ALOE implements workflow from basic intake email and/or web form to completion. Whether project management, contract life-cycle management, litigation, or other general issue tracking, ALOE provides robust reporting with standard process and work-flows that require little customization to be effective. For more complex situation, customization is available for additional automation, integration, and/or unique work-flows.

How We Do It

We keep what’s working, eliminate and replace what’s broken, and add what’s missing. Specifically, we integrate the best of what your law department currently has into API Product rails, allowing for end to end management of the legal workload. Then we add missing elements to ensure full law department needs are covered.

For example, a common implementation may include integrating applications already in use such as Salesforce, Sharepoint, and Docu-Sign and may add contract management, litigation, and general matters tracking modules, among others, depending on the specific needs of the department, to round out the full array of law department management needs.

For companies completely unsure of where to start or what to do, we offer Consulting Services and end-to-end recommendations and implementation. We’ll pair you with a seasoned in house lawyer or legal ops professional who will work with you to create the best process and solution unique to your company.