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Software Solutions

Bigfork Tech has the answers and experience required to modernize and transform your departments. As a result, you will save time, reduce risk and drive revenue. These solutions go by many names including (and not limited to):

What Bigfork Tech’s Solutions Can Do For You

Would you like to see your team with an extra 10 or more hours per week? What if your department could become a true revenue stream for the company, past “necessary” and all the way to profit center? How about never spending another hour digging for missing information or paperwork?

We know workflows. Because we lived the pain points of contract and project management in our own legal careers, we created practical solutions that work. Read our story for more details on how we basically wrote the manual on handling in-house legal operations and business workflows in the digital age. There is no reason to do things on paper or Excel spreadsheets – let us show you how powerful automation is, and how easy (and cost-effective) it can be.

Bigfork Tech Has the Tools and the Experience

We are passionate about tried & true solutions for your legal operations and project workflows. As a result, we created our flagship product is ALOE: Automated Legal Operations Environment, which yields lasting ROI starting on day one.

For the ultimate transformation of your organization we also offer our consulting services. When we can spend more time with your team, together we can get straight to the point on their unique concerns and complexities. Every business is different, and both ALOE and our consulting are highly adaptable to your needs.

Our level of customization and tailoring is truly unique in the software solutions landscape, and it makes all the difference. ALOE provides just the right mix of ready-to-use elements and built-for-you components. It conforms to your unique workload needs and also drastically reduces the time needed for your repeated tasks.


Professional Consulting Services