Workpoints™: Our exclusive
capacity planning system

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ALOE’s Capacity Planning System: assign work your way

Workpoints by Bigfork Tech is the answer to your workforce capacity planning needs. It gives your team exactly the right caseload. As a result, workpoints maximizes workforce time and your company’s bottom line. 

The scenario is all too familiar: you have an important new project to assign. You start sending out emails asking your team about current workloads. Because the answers are not immediate or don’t tell the whole story, you become frustrated. As a result, you may just decide to assign it to your “go-to” people, irrespective of the current workload.

This random assignment method leads to burnout and inefficiency.

Enter Workpoints, Bigfork Tech’s patent-pending capacity planning technology baked into ALOE, our Automated Legal Operations Environment platform. With no additional team contact or work on your end, you can pull a snapshot of who is available and best suited to be given new assignments.  

Workpoints quantifies work capacity automatically, and presents you with options on who can on more work.  Moreover, it allows you to plan and manage the working capacity of your team without relying on emails, spreadsheets or work updates.

This Bigfork Tech innovation is seamlessly integrated with ALOE. As a result, you maximize efficiency and modernize your capacity planning. 

Let us show you how to boost your efficiency and team happiness while adding value in the process. 

Workpoints gives you clarity.

Workpoints Give You Clarity

Everyone on your team brings something unique to the table. As a department leader, it is your responsibility to know your people and use their skills to the fullest.

Workpoints tells the whole story, automatically, and allows you to plan and manage the work capacity of your team without ever bothering them or relying on pesky status updates.

Let us show you how to boost your efficiency and team happiness while seeing a six-figure ROI in the process. Learn more about Workpoints and ALOERequest a Demo!