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Making the Case to the C-Suite:
Why ALOE Automation is Good For Business Now

Financial Benefits of ALOE Automation

According to McKinsey, you are losing 1.8 hours a day or 9 hours per week per employee searching for documents that our ALOE automation suite easily saves.* Put another way, you are hiring 5 employees but only 4 show up for work because the 5th is off searching for answers and not giving value.

A conservative average cost estimate of $52/hour or a $104,000 annual compensation package in a company with 20 employees means lost revenue of at least $9,360 per week or $468,000 per year. A company with more than 100 employees is looking at annual losses in the millions that are easily recovered with ALOE.

Because we understand the need for more efficiency, we created ALOE. The hours team members spend searching through emails and recreating lost documents should be spent on high value projects instead. Moreover, time spent deciphering spreadsheets and chasing down approvals are hours that should be spent on high value, revenue-driving efforts. Those efforts include closing more deals faster and cultivating new and existing clients. Instead of losing valuable employee time, increase your workforce productivity and revenue with ALOE.*

Risk Reduction

You are spending too much money and creating too much risk trying to keep track of your documents. In other words, creating documents in Word folders and cutting and pasting relevant provisions is clunky and costly. It also leads to higher risk and legal fees in the long term due to mistakes.

With collaborative tools, tracking, and custom templates, you gain consistency across departments, save time, make fewer mistakes and as a result, lower your costs.*

Easy Adoption With Our ALOE Automation Suite

ALOE is software, not shelfware. We all feel the financial pain of investing in a product that is big on promises and short on deliverables. ALOE is designed to help you do business your way. Unlike out of the box “solutions”, ALOE is fully customized to your business, keeping your team in the driver’s seat and assuring easy adoption within 3 to 4 weeks of onboarding.

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Business Growth, Expansion, and Scalability

ALOE will help you meet your business growth goals faster by lowering your contract risk and making you attractive to potential clients and partners. Inconsistent manual contract and project processes across departments hinder internal and external collaboration.

ALOE will help you attract and retain quality talent by allowing them to focus on high value, revenue-driving projects that matter to them rather than manual, administrative tasks. ALOE’s exclusive Workpoints system increases workforce productivity and client experience by optimizing assignments and monitoring across your team.

ALOE will help you expand your footprint faster and make your business scalable. For instance, ALOE allows you to seamlessly integrate your contracts and projects in new jurisdictions.

Proven Quality

ALOE is the smart choice for your automation needs because it was created by lawyers and tech experts who wanted real solutions to their workflow pain points. Many clients come to us out of frustration with “out of the box” models they purchased that don’t work. ALOE is tested and proven because we created and used these processes for our own contract and project management needs. As a result, many are benefiting from the ALOE difference. You won’t find better quality out there. Period.

* Sources: McKinsey & Co., 2012 and 2019.