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Pants Optional: Keep Your Team Working Together From Home

March 31, 2020: Keep your team on track even when working from home. Our business and legal experts have been working remotely for many years, and we’ll share best practices and strategies to help your business thrive in these challenging times

Survive and Thrive with Your Remote Boss

April 23, 2020: Watch this discussion of how to navigate the relationship with your boss when you are working remotely. Given the COVID-19 national emergency, we are focused on continuing to get the job done even though we are out of the office. How do we do this when our boss is not used to managing a remote team? How do you show your C suite that you are just as productive at home as you were in the office when you don’t see them every day?
Let our panel of legal and business experts share some simple strategies for communicating what you need from your boss to be effective, and to help show your continued value to your team while working remote.

Pants Required: How to Reopen for Business

June 3, 2020: Time to Put Your Pants On! We are covering venturing back to the workplace and getting ready to reopen for business. Is this the “new normal?”
Join our panel of business and legal experts as they help map out a phased reopening and discuss factors important to your business, including new policies, continued remote working, staffing needs, social distancing, client relations, and more.

Making the Choice: How to Evaluate and Select the Best Ops Solution for Your Team

July 15, 2020: Take a few minutes to sit down with the experts on selecting a legal ops, CLM, and matter management platform this afternoon.

You’ll receive tools and best practices to use while evaluating and selecting a legal operations software solution for your organization. Picking the right software, with the right features, at the right price, can be time consuming and exhausting. This webinar will show you a better way so you can save time, save money, and know you’re getting the tool you need.

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Getting the Buy-In: How to Sell Your Selected Solution Internally

August 11, 2020:Selling the cost of legal operations technology doesn’t have to be challenging. We’ve assembled a panel of decision-makers to walk you through what they look for when they approve a budget for a new solution. We’ll also provide you with plenty of resources to help you prepare for your meeting.