ALOE Back to School

Your all-in-one learning management system.
The best education solution for organizing and growing your children’s educational activities.

Online School Software for Parents, Tutors, and Learning Pod Leaders

ALOE Back to School software offers a full system for tracking student’s class schedules, homework, and extracurricular activities

Homework Calendar

ALOE’s calendar view displays when homework assignments are due, when extra curricular activities are scheduled, and more. You can easily track more than one student using color coding, or can display each student on their own calendar.

Back to School calendar

Task Types

Categorize everything from appointments to exams to homework. Managing your students has never been easier: pull reports or search based on task types to create a more efficient workflow. No more searching through hundreds of files with similar names.

Bell Schedule

Track each student’s class schedule so you know when they are switching classes, on break, need to be on a video call, and more. Even with A/B schedules, your view will update each day to accurately reflect your student’s classes.

online learning bell schedule

Parent / Tutor / Learning Pod Leader Notifications

ALOE will automatically notify both the parent and the student by email when a homework assignment is coming up, is nearly due, and is due.

This makes it easy to facilitate your students’ learning, whether you’re using ALOE as a parent, a tutor, or you’re facilitating a learning pod.

Only the online school facilitator will need an ALOE account – you won’t need one for each parent or student. With email notifications, facilitators have automatic communications going out to parents and students, and can pull reports and set alerts easily from within ALOE.

Homework Kanban Board

See the status of your student’s homework at-a-glance with the Kanban view. You can see what has not been done, what’s been submitted, and what has been completed/graded.

Manage Multiple Students at Once

Each student has their own profile and is assigned to their own classes in ALOE. They are attached to a parent contact so that every assignment or extra curricular activity is automatically reported on to the parents and students.

With ALOE’s reporting capabilities, you can pull reports on families, students in the same classes, what’s due this week across all your students, and more.

Whether you’re a parent managing multiple kids’ schedules or a facilitator managing a group of students, you can easily track what each student needs in ALOE and get back to school a little bit easier this fall.

September = School Time!

For the month of September when you sign up for
an ALOE Back to School trial you will get:


• Free 30-Day Trial

• A much more organized education management system.