Experience the Benefits of Automation


Stop wondering how to increase productivity in your workplace. ALOE contract lifecycle management and project management simplifies your processes and lets you focus on the projects that matter most.

ALOE Features


Contract Lifecycle Management

Project Management

OCR Document Storage

Personalized Security

Easy Adoption

Email Integration

Capacity Planning

Automated Workflows

Docusign Integration

Automated Document Templates

Mobile + Email Approvals

Robust Reporting

Risk Reduction

Clause Library

Inline Editing

What are the benefits of automation?

Save Time and Drive Revenue

McKinsey reports an employee loses 1.8 hours each day searching through emails. Eliminate time-consuming administrative tasks with ALOE so your team can focus on high-value work.

Create consistency and reduce training time by automating the manual portions of repetitive tasks. Unlike out-of-the-box software, ALOE is customized to fit your needs.

Simplify Workflows

Manage Your Team with Ease

Use ALOE’s capacity planning tool to automatically assign work to the team member with the right skill set and most workload capacity.

Is ALOE Right for You?

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