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Legal Project Management – A Method For Saving Your Sanity

It’s late Friday afternoon, you’re watching a stream of colleagues leave the building for a team-building happy hour activity, and there you sit, with a thousand unfinished items on your to-do list that were supposed to be done by close of business. You’re used to this, of course, because you work in legal and legal […]

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Law Project Management Software Makes Spring Cleaning Easy

Ever get to the end of the Quarter and notice your legal ops need a little “spring cleaning?” Maybe you’re not sure if every contract was actually signed and filed. Or, that dispute files were docketed and updated. Or, that management reports were created and submitted. Or, that employment investigations were finalized. If you answer […]

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Excel Alternatives for Project Management

Upgrade your legal operations with ALOE (Automated Legal Operations Environment), a project management solution designed by in-house counsel for in-house counsel. Use ALOE and stop emailing Excel spreadsheets and take control of your projects and workflows. Fundamentals of Practical Project Management To manage the tasks of others, you need a tool that is designed for […]

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