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& Workflow Automation Plan

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Users 1+ 3+ 5+ 5+
Category Boards Standardized Project Management Boards (legal/non-legal option) Standard Boards + Up to 5 Customizable Boards Standard Boards + Up to 10 Customizable Boards Unlimited boards
Project Management
Contract Lifecycle Management
Matter Management
Task Types Standard Project Management Task Types Standard Legal + Up to 5 Custom Tasks Per Category Standard Legal + Up to 10 Custom Tasks Per Category Unlimited Task Types
Fields Standard Project Management Task Types Standard Legal + Up to 10 Custom Fields Per Task Types Up to 25 Customizable Fields per Issue Type Unlimited Field Types
Microsoft Integration Edit Inline with Version Control Edit Inline with Version Control Edit Inline with Version Control Edit Inline with Version Control
Email Notifications Automatic Notifications of Issue Edits Automatic Notifications of Issue Edits Automatic Notifications of Issue Edits Automatic Notifications of Issue Edits
Templates Add On
Clause Library Add On
Outlook Integration
Zapier Integrations
Automated approval workflow
Permission-based access
Pre-Set Automated workflow Select from Pre-Set Automation Pre-Set Automations + up to 3 Automated workflows Unlimited
Dashboard Reports Standard Dashboards Standard Dashboards Standard Dashboards + 5 Custom Reports Unlimited
Intake Forms Yes
DocuSign Integration Add-On
Admin Training Add-On One Session Up to 2 Hours, Included One Session Up to 2 Hours, Included Included
User Training Add-On Add-On One Session, up to 2 Hours, 20 People Included
Managed Services Add-On Add-On Included
Additional Customizations Add-On Add On
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ALOE Primary Boards Include:

  • Business Development, Marketing, Operations, General Projects

ALOE Premium Boards Include:

  • Contracts, Litigation, Intellectual Property, Corporate, General Projects


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ALOE Training Packages

Primary Premium Pro Platinum Immersion
$325 $620 $925 $1515 $4500
+ Travel
2 x 1-Hour Training (Choice of Admin or User) 4 x 1-Hour Training (Choice of Admin or User) 2 x 1-Hour Admin Training 6 x 1-Hour Admin Training 1-Day On-Site Training
4 x 1-Hour User Training 4 x 1-Hour User Training

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ALOE Back to School software offers a full system for tracking student’s
class schedules, homework, and extracurricular activities.

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Achieve More Productivity With Enhanced Workflow

At first, the ALOE workflow automation software was created by a team of legal
professionals to aid in project management, but it is now used to simplify essential
functions across numerous organizations of varying industries. This powerful tool
allows administrators to build a more fast-paced work environment while minimizing
time spent on unnecessary tasks, saving valuable money and labor.

For the ALOE Pro package, we include 3 custom automated workflows per user.
These automated workflows and templates give each user the ability to personalize and refine their own unique workstyle to further simplify processes.

We also include DocuSign integration (Separate DocuSign account required) with these packages to improve contract automation.

Please note: these features are
not included with the ALOE Primary or Premium packages.

Email Integration and Mapping for Better Communication

When you sign up for either ALOE Pro, your software will be optimized for email integration and email mapping. Using Outlook, you’ll be
able to link up your email address to ALOE for a seamless workflow between your inbox
and your project management system.

Develop Better Organization With Stronger Workflow and
Contract Lifecycle Management

All ALOE plans come with specific project boards for either project management or
contract lifecycle management. We grant each user with 5 standardized project boards
for Primary and Premium plans and 10 customizable options for Pro users.
Our standardized project boards for the Primary subscription covers project management,
whereas the projects for Premium packages are designed for contract lifecycle
management. Depending on their specific role, Pro members can take
advantage of both types of management if needed.

From the beginning to the end of contract development or project management, this
workflow management software serves as a hub for all vital information tied to client
accounts or internal processes. This helps individuals find valuable information
involving licenses or agreements within seconds, no matter what they need it for. Each plan also comes with a capacity planning tool that allows users to assign work to
specific employees based on their area of expertise or availability.

Optimize Your Workflow Automation With ALOE™

If your organization could benefit from better workflow automation or contract lifecycle
management, the ALOE workflow management software can help. As the program
works to simplify your business’s operations, you will see improvements in risk
management, lower costs, and better overall visibility of your workflow. ALOE packages are available with monthly & annual billing cycles and renew annually, so you never have to worry about missing a payment. When you’re
ready to enhance your workflow through more robust business process automation, reach
out to request a free demo or view our blog for more information.