ALOE Administrator Training

With every ALOE Pro purchase, you and your employees will receive training from the Bigfork Tech team. We offer different training packages depending on what kind of assistance your company needs. We know that each business is different, and we can help you use our software to your advantage.

Like everything else at Bigfork Tech, the training sessions are customizable for your business. The amount of training you and your team receive is up to you. Pick the training that fits your team.

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ALOE Software Administrator training

When you order the ALOE implementation package, you get much more than the software. You will also receive an hour-long administrator training as part of your purchase. If you plan on being the admin for your business, we recommend that you attend administrator training to get the most out of your software.

Alternatively, if you would rather not be an administrator or don’t have the time for it, you can opt for ALOE’s Managed Services. This service performs admin functions for you so that you can tackle the challenges of running the rest of your business.

User Training for Project Management Software

With your purchase, you will also receive an hour of user training for team members who regularly use the system. It is helpful for team members to receive workflow training before using the system for your business. That way, everyone on the team can take advantage of the system to its full potential.

Along with admin and user training, you will receive written instructions in the form of an admin guide so that you will always have something to reference even after training is done. We also include a Quick Reference Guide that can be distributed to employees in your company who use the software.

Workflow Management System Training packages

Our software training services will help you become familiar with the project management software, ALOE, so that you can use it in your business immediately. Training for you and your team will expedite your transition to making ALOE a foundational part of your business.

The project management software training, like the software itself, is customizable for your business. If your team does not need a particular software feature, we do not require you to learn about it. Only learn about the software features that you will need.

A representative of Bigfork Tech administers software project management training. The training is available in a variety of packages, from simple hour-long training for admins and users to the Immersion Package, which includes one day of on-site training. Whatever level of training you require, we have online training software solutions for you.

We aim to enable you to run your business more efficiently by providing top training & software solutions. With any of our customizable training packages, you will learn how best to implement our software’s features for your business. We don’t just sell our software to you. We make sure you know how to use it.

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