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Referrals are one of the most exciting ways that we get new customers. We love it when our users have been so impacted by ALOE that they want to share it!

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Why are we the leaders in Workflow Automation?

Simple; Just the way you like

ALOE is the only fully customizable contract lifecycle management and project workflow solution that you will use. Unlike others, it adapts to the way you work rather than the other way around. ALOE is easy to use with immediate financial, time-saving, collaborative, and risk management benefits to you and your team.

Everything in one place

ALOE consolidate all your contract and project management needs on one simple platform and empowers you to manage your business in a way that works for you.

Made by experts for experts

Built by the original in house lawyers and tech experts who helped grow GoDaddy into a billion-dollar company, our project and contract management solution helps you save time and make money. Why are we the leaders in workflow automation? Because we have more than seventy years of combined business and legal technology experience working for Fortune 500 companies, law firms, technology companies, government agencies, and nonprofits.

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One platform to rule them all

Stop wondering how to increase productivity in your workplace. We simplify your processes to let you focus on projects that matter most.

ALOE is the contract lifecycle management solution for in house legal operations and everyone else who is involved in project management, regardless of department.

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Inline Editing

Edit documents inline within the ALOE system. You don’t need to download and re-upload your documents.

Automatic Notifications

Receive automatic notifications when an issue is changed: edits to a document, comments, questions, clarifications. Tag other users to call items to their attention.

Custom Reports

Create your own customized reports and dashboards to monitor and share data relevant to your workplace.

Video Tutorials

Learn more about your system through our growing video tutorial library.