Our Exclusive Capacity Planning System

Give your team the right workload and maximize your company’s bottom line without lifting a finger using capacity planning in ALOE.

Capacity planning helps you easily manage your team’s workload, which helps boost employee morale and productivity, makes managing remote employees easy, and gives your team room to absorb changes.

By letting ALOE do the administrative work for you, your managers will be freed up to focus on high-level projects.

And, with capacity allocation reporting, you can demonstrate department value to your leadership and support department growth requests.

Automatically assign work based on each team member’s current workload.


Preset each type of work to go to the most qualified team member with the least amount of work on their plate. You’ll know that the right work is getting to the right person every time.

Spread work out among the entire team.


Your top performers and go-to team members will thank you when Workpoints assigns them the right amount of work, ensuring they stay busy but don’t burn out from over-reliance. Workpoints makes managing remote employees easy.

Boost your efficiency and increase your ROI.


Let Workpoints do your capacity planning for you. Stop sending emails to see who has the time to take on a task or waiting for someone to take initiative. With Workpoints, you can focus on what your team is producing and stop worrying about balancing your team’s workload.