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Automated Contract Lifecycle Management Drives Revenue

In today’s competitive negotiating environment, we often hear you are only as good as your next deal. The ability to leverage technology to close deals in half the time is essential to getting to that next good deal. It is the key to staying on the top of your game and outperforming the competition.

The manual management of contracts is an inefficient process that is clunky, increases mistakes, and hinders the collaboration so important to overall success. Think about how much time this lengthy back and forth takes away from high value matters like new commercial opportunities. These pain points are felt at every level of the deal process. Stephanie, a health company sales rep, reports “I bring five to seven deals to contract each week but it feels like it takes legal one month to close.”

With ALOE contract lifecycle management software you can create contracts faster and spend less time on repetitive tasks like searching for contract versions and chasing approvals. ALOE allows you to:

  • access a contract yourself in moments, including all versions and stakeholder communications from intake to completion;
  • avoid reinventing the wheel by using preapproved templates;
  • share versions of the contract with stakeholders;
  • obtain all approvals efficiently;
  • reduce risk by not having to save, print, scan or mail hard copies of
  • multiple versions of the documents;
  • notify parties automatically when documents are digitally signed; and
  • store critical corporate documents securely in the cloud.

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