Bigfork actively seeks to employ diverse candidates at every level, especially at management levels.

Future hires and internal promotions are given preference for diversity.

Bigfork considers diversity in hiring decisions and, all else being equal, diverse candidates are given preference.

Bigfork considers diversity in vendor selection and, all else being equal, diverse vendors are given preference.

Bigfork’s Founder and CEO has been committed to hiring, retaining, and promoting a diverse workforce since inception. She has made it a priority to source and hire diverse candidates whenever (and where ever) possible. Bigfork is always looking for new, diverse talent.

Bigfork is currently seeking diverse candidates for open positions.

The Founder and Co-founder engage in a strategic planning process every year and have been able to maintain a 90% diversity since 2017.

Bigfork has a strategic goal to maintain a minimum of 50% diversity among employees and major vendors and has beat that goal each year.

Furthermore, Bigfork has declined outside investments from non-diverse capital providers.

Bigfork matches senior managers with employees at all levels who meet weekly to help them develop personally and professionally.

Bigfork’s Founder and Co-founder dedicate no less than 120 pro bono hours each year to provide free mentoring services to women and Minority entrepreneurs in the technology space.