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ALOE Platinum

The all-in-one contract lifecycle management and project management team collaboration tool to streamline, automate, and track your business needs. ALOE is also one of the best value education management platforms.

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Intake Forms

Create Automated Workflows

Some organizations rely on manual workflows to guarantee total quality assurance and thorough communication. With ALOE, you have the opportunity to reshape some of this process into more automated workflows. This level of business automation is not only good for your business as a whole, but it will also provide your employees with more flexibility and opportunities for growth on higher-value projects.

Creating Task

As a busy professional you are always looking for better and more efficient ways to spend your valuable time. With many projects going on at once it is important to have efficient project management tools like task to keep track of what needs to be completed.


Better Business Automation
Saves Time 
and Drives Revenue

Outdated administrative tasks can bog down workflow processes, waste valuable time and negatively impact profits. With ALOE, you’ll see a gradual increase in productivity and an improvement in your staff’s overall quality of work. Whether you utilize ALOE to turn manual assignments into automated workflows or store important documents more efficiently, our fully customizable software makes collaboration, and project management easier than ever.

Calendar/Timeline View

Calendar views in management software shows start and end dates for the items on you to-do list, shows how they interrelate with other members of your team, and gives you an easy-to-see to-do list for the day. This helps with prioritization and keeping your team on track.

Email Integration

Better Management for Your Team

Working within an organization requires strong communication and project management skills to ensure your company’s deliverables reach their destination on time. That’s why we created the ALOE software to build more seamless collaboration across departments. You can use the included collaboration tools to automatically assign work to designated team members. You can also take advantage of the ALOE email integration functionality. With so many benefits, extraordinary teamwork opportunities are endless.

Kaban View

The Kanban view is a popular management tool to determine which stage an item is in. As shown in the columns below, the status of an item on your to-do list is visible in the related column. You might even create rows for each member on your team so you can see if 1 team member has all their items sitting in review while another hasn’t even begun working on their assignments.