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Bigfork Tech’s ALOE software helps you coordinate your team, keep your contracts in order, and gives you a leg-up with templates created by our team. Our services are flexible to your needs and ensure that you get the best contract management software for your business.

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Why Use Contract Management Software?

Although it is possible to manage contracts without the help of a managed services option, utilizing managed services can help your contract management run much smoother and with fewer errors. This leads to less stress on your legal team and more time for you and your team to tackle high-priority tasks.

Getting started with contract management can take a lot of man-hours, especially in smaller businesses with fewer employees. However, once it’s set up it will often need to be modified as your business grows and evolves. This often holds business owners back from creating a more streamlined system for creating and storing essential documents and eventually abandoning all of the hard work done to set up their contract management software.

When you use Bigfork Tech’s contract management software, you can eliminate many of the hurdles that keep you from managing your contracts online. ALOE is easy to use, with easy implementation and managed services to handle all the evolution your team needs. By telling us what you need Bigfork Tech will work with you to customize your all in one ALOE software.

Features of Our Contract Management System

Our team will set up your first three contract templates as part of your initial implementation and will train you how to set up your own future templates. If you need more and don’t want to spend the time setting them up, opt in to our professional services or managed services and we’ll do the heavy lifting for you. We want you to be able to start using the software immediately, and our team is committed to setting you up for success.

Our software training services will help you become familiar with the project management software, ALOE, so that you can use it in your business immediately. Training for you and your team will expedite your transition to making ALOE a foundational part of your business.

From there, Bigfork Tech’s contract lifecycle management software will help you develop contracts and keep them in order. ALOE’s managed services ensure that your team focuses on collaboration rather than administrative updates. ALOE includes a collaboration space for your employees to view the documents and coordinate their efforts. You can also take advantage of automated project workflows so that you can easily see progress for any contract.

ALOE’s contract management features lead to more successful contract management overall. Automation of repetitive tasks in the process streamlines the creation of a contract, enables your team to communicate and collaborate more efficiently, and provides more orderly storage for your contracts and related documents, making ALOE the best contract management service.

In addition to tracking the progress of contract creation, ALOE will also notify you when your contracts are up for renewal. This way, you won’t miss a renewal deadline and will be able to revise contracts in preparation for renegotiations. No more rushing to finish revisions at the last minute.

Ready For an Efficient Contract Management Software System?

With implementation assistance, your contract templates are implemented by our team, and space for your employees to work collaboratively, our contract management software is a plus for your business.

Bigfork Tech’s professional services get you up and running quicker so that you spend less time worrying about administrative tasks and more time providing strategic guidance for your business. Keep your eye on the important things and stop sweating the small stuff with the ALOE contract management software.

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