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Bigfork Tech’s 2022
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Bigfork Technologies surveyed over 20 industries’ in-house lawyers on their current legal operations functions and technology usage. We present the essential findings and data highlights here.

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Calendar/Timeline View

Calendar views in management software shows start and end dates for the items on you to-do list, shows how they interrelate with other members of your team, and gives you an easy-to-see to-do list for the day. This helps with prioritization and keeping your team on track.

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Kaban View

The Kanban view is a popular management tool to determine which stage an item is in. As shown in the columns below, the status of an item on your to-do list is visible in the related column. You might even create rows for each member on your team so you can see if 1 team member has all their items sitting in review while another hasn’t even begun working on their assignments.

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Creating Task

As a busy professional you are always looking for better and more efficient ways to spend your valuable time. With many projects going on at once it is important to have efficient project management tools like task to keep track of what needs to be completed.

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Why Do I Need Project Management Software?

It probably seems like you spend most of your time answering emails from employees with questions about the status of their requests. Bigfork Tech’s project management software, ALOE, is easily customizable to fit your company for a more efficient workflow.

ALOE will help you save time for you and your employees. The project management software enables you to focus less on administration and delegation. This means you have more time to work on strategic things like risk management and improving business relations. With ALOE software behind the scenes, you are free to be a strategic business partner.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Bigfork Tech’s contract lifecycle management system has proven effective for both businesses and legal departments. Managing your company’s contracts can be a tedious process. Contract management should be streamlined from the first draft to a post execution compliance. With our project management tools, you can easily see what stage of development a contract is at.

You also want to keep track of when contracts are due for renewal. This will help you plan for contract revisions and renegotiations on time. Automating this process with our project management software will ensure that contracts are renewed on time with reduced stress and confusion.