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Automate Your Operations with ALOE

Imagine walking into an important meeting armed with your team’s success report.  ALOE helps you track every project, team member, contract, email, deadline, approval, key performance indicator, and anything else you need to demonstrate your team’s value.  You’ll have the pulse of your department at your fingertips.  No more digging through old emails, spreadsheets or paper files to find the answers.  No more guessing how to best assign work. 

ALOE simplifies everything.

Save Time and Drive Revenue

McKinsey reports an employee loses 1.8 hours per day searching through emails.  That essentially means you hire 5 people but only 4 show up to work each week.  ALOE puts an end to that inefficiency.  ALOE’s customized contract lifecycle and project management workflows eliminate time-consuming, administrative tasks so your team can focus on high-value work that drives revenue and grows your business.

Customized Workflows that Work Your Way

Unlike out of the box software, ALOE is built with you in mind and customized to fit your needs.  That is the ALOE difference. 

ALOE empowers you to manage your workflow the way you want, from intake to completion, and everything in between.  Whether project management, CLM, litigation, intellectual property, research and development, capacity planning, budget, or other general issue tracking, ALOE provides customized workflows and reporting (we offer Consulting Services to fast track your results).

ALOE keeps what’s working, replaces what’s broken and adds what’s missing. 

The Tool That Saves Your Team Upwards of 10 Hrs/wk Each

Our contract and project management workflows optimize workforce productivity while building a secure library of all documents. Everything incoming goes straight to the cloud and is tagged and sorted for later use. The days of panicked digging for approvals and new drafts are over.

Never miss another thing, ever again. ALOE gives you an airtight view of the process for any contract or project, including internal discussion, drafts and revisions, emails, and even collaboration from others outside of your organization.

Workflows Designed for ROI on Day One

Unlike other tools created by folks who know little about contract management, ALOE is built specifically with your needs in mind. We customize to fit your specific business needs because we know that if the software is too generalized, your team won’t see the big performance boost. They will resist just another project management tool because it’s not the right fit and doesn’t do business the way you do.

ALOE has been engineered from the ground-up to serve contract and project management cases brought to you by a team that is second to none in the Legal Ops field. We know exactly what is holding your organization back, and how to automate and smooth the wrinkles (we offer Consulting Services to fast-track your results). Our process starts working on day one!

ALOE is the Secure Cloud-Based Solution
for Contract and Project Workflows

ALOE is GDPR/HIPPA compliant.

Get Started With ALOE

Find the ALOE for you: select between E Enterprise, P Professional, S Standard, B Basic

Choose the tier that works for you.

E Enterprise

Have a large team or need the entire company on board? Enterprise is the way to go. All the functionality of Professional on a larger scale.

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P Professional

Need more? Then go Pro. Get all the bells and whistles available. It includes all the functionality of Standard and additional workflows, customized matter boards, more flexibility and standard integration Docusign. You can add custom integrations to Salesforce, Netsuite and other apps that your company already uses.

$129/user/month, paid annually

S Standard

Just getting started with a small business? Check out our Standard plan. It offers out of the box functionality to manage Contracts, Disputes, Intellectual Property, Corporate, and General matters, with standard integration with email and the ability to add custom intake or custom template creation.

$79/user/month, paid annually

B Basic

Need project management but not for legal? Basic is the plan for sole proprietors. Manage basic operations like Biz Dev, Marketing, Finance, Operations, and General Projects.

$39/user/month, paid annually

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