Can I redline and negotiate a document in ALOE?

External negotiations can be done via email, while internal negotiations and collaborations can be done either in ALOE or via email. Once a document is attached to a contract task, it can be revised through our standard integration with MS Office. Once revisions are complete, a user can email the contract either with a custom email or a predesigned template to external parties. In templates, buttons can be added that trigger next steps in the workflow, for example: Approve; Negotiate; and Reject. Each button generates an email allowing the external party to reply with their comments or revisions, approve the draft which can then be cleaned and sent for signature, or reject to end the negotiations. Because your external parties are revising in word and attaching to email, they never have to click on a link to a portal or reformat html optimized text in order to enter into a contract with you. Their reply email is automatically logged in the activity tracker, while their revised document is automatically attached to the contract task. This creates an audit log of not only the versions of the draft agreements, but the communications between parties as well. External parties don’t follow directions and might email directly instead of replying to the email, but ALOE has accounted for that. You can add or edit tasks and add attachments using our Outlook integration – keeping your efficiency intact. Document version control is clearly time and date stamped, and the new version is always on top. Redlining in ALOE is available through our native Word integration.

Category: Contract Lifecycle Management