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ALOE (started as Automated Legal Ops Environment) is a flexible cloud-based contract and project workflow system that can free upwards of 10 hours per week for each of your team members. ALOE automates your workflow from intake to completion and everything in between, providing on-pulse reports and secure document storage. View Plans »

A workflow that works your way.

Built by in-house lawyers and tech experts, ALOE consolidates all of your contract and project workflow needs on one simple customized platform including project tracking, contract managing and document repository, matter management, and dynamic reporting. ALOE empowers you to manage matters from a basic email intake and/or web form to completion.

  • Saves Money
    Pays for itself many times over, year after year.
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    ALOE transforms cost centers into revenue drivers. No more hours searching through old emails, recreating lost documents, deciphering spreadsheets or chasing down approvals. Gives immediate ROI by closing deals faster and saving 9+ hours per person per week.
  • Makes Adoption Easy
    User friendly system saves time in the first week.
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    Integrated with Microsoft Office, Gmail, Adobe, Docusign, Salesforce, and more. Facilitates multi-user collaboration with tracking document changes, integrated email communications, custom templates and digital approvals. Optimizes searches with custom tags you manage.
  • Eliminates Paper
    Go digital and gain 24/7 access to everything.
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    With ALOE, you can clear your desk of stacks of paper, reduce risk of having multiple versions of paper copies, and give you the peace of mind that changes are tracked digitally.
  • Reduces Risk
    Complete project history is automatic to the system.
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    You are spending too much money and creating too much risk trying to keep track of your documents. Creating documents in Word folders and cutting and pasting relevant provisions is clunky and costly. It also leads to higher risk and legal fees in the long term due to mistakes. With collaborative tools, tracking, and custom templates, you allow for consistency across departments, save time, make fewer mistakes and lower costs.
  • Streamlines Approvals
    Everything you need to make decisions is in one place.
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    With ALOE’s integrated approval process, you will not have to delay a deal waiting for approvals. Your CEO or department head traveling for two weeks? No problem. ALOE allows your decision-maker to approve with one click from a desktop or our mobile app from anywhere in the world.
  • Tracks KPIs
    Robust reporting is at your fingertips, all the time.
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    Creates custom reports, tracking, and timelines so you can provide any metric needed to show your team’s success or address problems early. Never miss another deadline with custom alerts and workforce planning tools.
  • Provides Security
    HIPAA & GDPR compliant.
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    Prioritizes security and privacy with data stored on a single cloud server and not shared with other customers or third parties. Gives flexibility to limit security permissions for privileged documents and offers 24 hour customer support.
  • Customizes Workflows
    Incredibly flexible and molded to fit your business.
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    We keep what’s working, replace what’s broken, and add what’s missing. One size does not fit all when it comes to your contract and project management. That’s why ALOE is fully customizable, offering the flexibility to change with your evolving business needs.
  • Closes Deals in Half the Time
    The big result of smart business systems!
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    ALOE improves time to revenue with our patent pending workpoints system designed to maximize output from every member of your team. Takes the guesswork out of workforce productivity by assigning tasks to the right people the first time.

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The ALOE Difference
… working your way

ALOE modernizes and transforms your departments from cost centers to revenue drivers. Automation is the key, and ALOE is customizable to fit the way you do business. » About ALOE

We design business systems and workflows that fit your organization. Get the personalized attention and fast-track results your business requires. Your year-over-year numbers will be forever changed! » Services & Consulting

Everything is included with our professional tier. Key integrations, security features, and initial customization you will need to hit the ground running. No costly upgrades or expansion plans.

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