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“Intake Form”

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Why lawyers love ALOE’s
Intake Form?

ALOE also offers fully customizable contract intake forms that speed up approval processes, enhance client satisfaction, and simplify writing. ALOE’s user-friendly features will simplify the contract intake process for your legal staff and clients. A straightforward contract intake procedure is essential for new and current contracts to prevent misunderstandings and mistakes.

Whether you are a user of ALOE or not, you can use the Intake Form with the link. Get your free demo today and begin your journey towards organization and results.

ALOE Primary

Project Management Software

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Why Business Leaders Choose ALOE Primary Project Management Software?

  1. We make implementation simple and easy.
  2. Keep track of projects and tasks that can be categorized.
  3. One centralized location – email, task, comments, reports, and more.
  4. Calendar & Kanban view help you never miss a deadline again.

Whether you are running an apparel shop, at-home restaurant, or a nonprofit organization, ALOE can help you improve your project management and free up time for what matters: running your business.

Are you ready to try ALOE Primary? Try our free 30-day trial.

The most effective teams rely on ALOE

Easy-to-Use Platform

ALOE™ is easy to use and brings immediate time, financial, collaborative, and risk management benefits to you and your team. Moreover, ALOE consolidates all your contract and project management needs on one simple platform by including project tracking, contract and matter management, secure document storage and metrics reporting. ALOE empowers you to manage your business in a way that works for you.

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Built by Tech and Legal Experts

One Simple Platform

Simple Tracking in One Place

Built By Experts

Founders Christine Jones, Esq., CPA and Tanya Avila, Esq. created ways to overcome the contract and project management pain points that prevented their clients’ success. They lived the frustration of manual processes like searching through thousands of emails or creating standard documents from scratch. They came up with their own legal operations and contract management solutions that helped their clients improve and successfully grow their businesses.


One Platform

ALOE Pro provides customizable contract management software that modernizes and transforms your departments into revenue drivers. With ALOE’s customization, we make the tool fit the way you do business.


Office or Remote

Manage your team’s workload with our collaboration planning tools. Boost employee morale and productivity by distributing your workload efficiently among team members. Manage remote employees easily and efficiently while giving your team room to absorb changes to process and workflow.


Bigfork Tech Features

Contract Management

Project Management

OCR Document Storage

Personalized Security

Easy Adoption/Email Integration

Automated Workflows

Watch This 1-Minute Video to See How Bigfork Tech Makes Legal Project Management Easy

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