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At Bigfork Tech, we understand the importance of powerful and effective in-house legal software when consolidating client data or managing projects. That’s why our team of expert in-house lawyers and tech-savvy pros created ALOE™, the best contract lifecycle management (CLM) software to restructure your legal department operations. Instead of relying on manual processes to sort through important documents, this legal CRM (client relationship management) software matches your organization’s workflow to institute a more time-saving approach to daily or long-term legal management. Learn more about the ALOE™ software and see why it deserves a spot in your company’s set of procurement tools.

ALOE™ Project Management Software Plans

Featuring DocuSign™ integration, strong security and efficient integration for high volumes of emails, the ALOE™ project and contract lifecycle management software comes with a plethora of perks in each plan that we offer. We currently offer four types of this contract management software: Basic, Standard, Pro and Enterprise. These plans are offered at both annual and monthly rates, and the price applies to the number of users on the plan. 

For smaller teams of attorneys and other professionals working with legal department operations, we recommend either the ALOE™ Basic or Standard workflow management software. Both offer the same advantages, except Basic is intended for project management tasks, and Standard benefits those using the software for contract management projects. Our Pro and Enterprise plans are designed to assist anywhere from 5 to 20 users (Pro) to more than 20 users per month (Enterprise). To learn more about the ALOE™ management and legal document assembly software, please visit our Products page

Become a Pro ALOE™ Workflow Management Software User

After you purchase the ALOE™ workflow management software, you may find that you and your team could benefit from additional training on the platform. Don’t worry — you can purchase separate training packages that will teach you how to use the ALOE™ project management software to your full potential. Whether you’d like to use this capacity planning software to allocate tasks to the right team member or as a vendor tracking system, we offer five levels of training packages to help each user or administrator master this software. Like our ALOE™ plans, these training collections grant 1 hour of training to upwards of 10 individuals (6 admins and 4 users max). The only exception to this is our Immersion package which offers a full day of on-site training. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the ALOE™ in-house legal software, please contact us with any questions you may have. And, if you’re ready to get started, request a free demo and we’ll put you in touch with one of our experts.


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