Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included? How does implementation take? Find out below!

Contract Lifecycle Management

Yes, ALOE is a contract lifecycle software that tracks any related activity on contracts from intake to execution, including DocuSign, and all steps in between. Tickets move from New to Done.

Yes, we support electronic signatures. We include our DocuSign integration at no additional cost. However, you must have a DocuSign account, which does carry a cost.

Documents are locked when they are being “edited.’ Only one person can work on a document at any time. Other users can download a document if it’s in use, but cannot edit it. All versions of a document are tracked within each ticket, and have a designated owner and with a clear view of final file for version control identification. If any changes are made to a document, the owner is notified – as well as any designated “watchers”.

Yes, contracts and documents can automatically be generated and populated with information input when a task is created or edited.
Unlimited templates uploads are available and are simple enough a trained admin can easily upload them on their own.
Email templates can also be created and sent to a group or individuals.

Yes, approval workflows can be managed by licensed users on their desktop or via the ALOE app. Non-licensed users can approve via email. Approvals may be triggered manually or automatically through a workflow. For example, all contracts with a value over $5,000 may be automatically sent to finance for approval or a contract with a particularly challenging indemnity provision may be manually escalated to a more senior attorney.

Yes. Through customized workflows, auto renewals can be reviewed and amended as needed. As an example – a contract designated as one that auto-renews through a custom field can have a new issue task generated for a renewal agreement on the renewal date designated through the renewal date field. The new issue task auto generates the designated template and assigns the issue task to the designated worker for review and modification. The person assigned receives an email notification of the new issue task. The issue is also added to the appropriate dashboard report for open issues.

External negotiations can be done via email, while internal negotiations and collaborations can be done either in ALOE or via email. Once a document is attached to a contract task, it can be revised through our standard integration with MS Office. Once revisions are complete, a user can email the contract either with a custom email or a predesigned template to external parties. In templates, buttons can be added that trigger next steps in the workflow, for example: Approve; Negotiate; and Reject. Each button generates an email allowing the external party to reply with their comments or revisions, approve the draft which can then be cleaned and sent for signature, or reject to end the negotiations. Because your external parties are revising in word and attaching to email, they never have to click on a link to a portal or reformat html optimized text in order to enter into a contract with you. Their reply email is automatically logged in the activity tracker, while their revised document is automatically attached to the contract task. This creates an audit log of not only the versions of the draft agreements, but the communications between parties as well. External parties don’t follow directions and might email directly instead of replying to the email, but ALOE has accounted for that. You can add or edit tasks and add attachments using our Outlook integration – keeping your efficiency intact. Document version control is clearly time and date stamped, and the new version is always on top. Redlining in ALOE is available through our native Word integration.

Redlining is done through MS Word integration among both parties and comments are tracked within the version control of the document. Any dialogue from both internal or external parties outside the document is tracked in the comments section of the task (even if that dialogue is happening through email!). Document identification is clear and your external parties won’t have to go through a portal to access the documents.

Yes, we set up automated workflows for default and high-volume processes at your request. In other words, your standard NDA’s, licenses and other agreements can be automated. In addition, we offer customized templates so you never have to work outside of the workflow.