Integrated Casino Management Software

Increase profits by automating the back office

Finally, contract management is making its way to the casino back office. Because the gaming and hospitality industry is constantly being pressed to stay competitive, it must innovate. Automation for the gaming industry is a new tool to prevent interruptions and increase profits. ALOE helps you deliver a world-class experience that includes food, beverage, and entertainment, while improving your bottom line.

In order to assure the unified customer experience, the administrative operations must be streamlined. Moreover, they must be unified and efficient. Rather than an underused workforce, for example, automation increases productivity and profits. Because of the collaboration that automation provides, departments can easily communicate and work with each other.

On the other hand, without automation, one study estimates that the average employee loses 9 hours per week looking for things. In other words, you are paying people to search through emails or locating documents. Additionally, the delays caused by manual processes can mean contracts not being approved on time and services delayed. As a consequence, hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions are left on the table each year. Not to mention the reduced customer experience.

ALOE was created with efficiency in mind. Contract management and project management integrate seamlessly to provide casino management software that can serve every department. Not only can you save time in your legal department with ALOE, but you can expand this same system throughout your organization to increase efficiency everywhere.
Maximizing your donor dollars includes spending less on administration. ALOE comes as a complete package, with many integrations already included. You won’t need to add on expensive modules to get the functionality you need – full contract and project management and workflow functionality is already included. Plus, we offer email and Docusign integrations out of the box.
What's included with ALOE

Maximize efficiency and resources for your mission with ALOE’s easy-to-use multi-functional platform

+ Eliminate needless paperwork and emails.

+ Improve response times.

+ Generate templates for employment contracts, work orders, invoices, and purchase agreements.

+ Increase collaboration for better service.

+ Negotiate contracts across departments and streamline approvals.

+ Track key performance indicators and compliance.

+ Save time and money searching for documents.

+ Improve accuracy and risk management.