Integrated Nonprofit Software

Increase productivity and send more dollars to your cause with ALOE

Nonprofit organizations are constantly juggling their limited resources and have to ensure they have the money to fund the causes and people they are serving. Leaders are faced with championing their cause while reducing costs and operating with excellence in order to effectively advocate for their donors, their employees, and those they serve. As a result, innovative nonprofit leaders must find ways to create efficiencies to best support their mission.

“Philanthropy is often seen as society's risk capital. That means the onus is on philanthropists, nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs to innovate. But philanthropic innovation is not just about creating something new. It also means applying new thinking to old problems, processes and systems.”

Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, philanthropist
ALOE was created with efficiency in mind. Contract management and project management software is fully integrated and included under one system. Not only can you save time in your legal department with ALOE, but you can expand this same system throughout your organization to increase efficiency everywhere.
Maximizing your donor dollars includes spending less on administration. ALOE comes as a complete package, with many integrations already included. You won’t need to add on expensive modules to get the functionality you need – full contract and project management and workflow functionality is already included. Plus, we offer email and Docusign integrations out of the box.
What's included with ALOE

Maximize efficiency and resources for your mission with ALOE’s easy-to-use multi-functional platform

+ Eliminate needless paperwork and emails

+ Save time searching for documents

+ Collaborate across departments

+ Improve response times

+ Generate templates for standard documents like grant requests, vendor contracts, and event licenses

+ Improve transparency and track donations