ALOE CLM and Project Management

Save Time and Drive Revenue

McKinsey reports an employee loses 1.8 hours each day searching through emails. Eliminate time-consuming administrative tasks with ALOE so your team can focus on high-value work.

Simplify Workflows

Create consistency and reduce training time by automating the manual portions of repetitive tasks. Unlike out-of-the-box software, ALOE is customized to fit your needs. That is the ALOE difference.

Manage Your Team with Ease

Use ALOE’s capacity planning tool to automatically assign work to the team member with the right skill set and most workload capacity.

What is ALOE?

Workflow Design and Legal Operations Consulting

Bigfork Tech is the expert in automating legal operations and creating modern workflows for modern companies. Read our story here. We built the premier contract lifecycle management and project workflow system for businesses and legal departments alike. Our team of experts have worked in departments across organizations, so when you’re ready to expand your ALOE instance to teams outside your legal team, we offer workflow consulting for every department.

See Immediate Results

Have your processes designed by experts and skip the “growing pains” stage completely. Bigfork Tech designs modern real-world legal ops workflows that produce ROI starting on day one.

Automate Repetitive Work

Automate manual tasks and reduce the risk of things falling through the cracks and missing important deadlines. Workflows move tasks through simple steps automatically so your team can prioritize high-value work.

Customize for Your Business

Every business is different, and business shouldn’t have to change to fit your software. ALOE adapts to you, so can maintain each step of your process, but can do it more efficiently and with fewer errors.

ALOE Training

Included Training

Every ALOE implementation package includes one hour of administrator training, one hour of user training,  an admin guide with basic written instructions, and a Quick Reference Guide of written instructions for all your users. This will include general information about ALOE and the workflows/automations in your instance.

Training Packages

ALOE training packages increase your knowledge of ALOE as a system and fast-track your team’s adoption process. Get tailored training for your business and customizations. We host user trainings for your teams, or you can learn more about the back end of ALOE in administrator training.

Don’t have time to be an administrator? Check out ALOE’s Managed Services below!

Training Packages

Managed and Professional Services

Included Support

Every ALOE instance comes with Slack Support that allows your ALOE administrators to get in direct contact with our support team regarding basic questions and the addition of new users.

Managed Services

Don’t have time to administer your ALOE instance? Check out the Managed Services provided by ALOE. This service manages your ALOE instance for you, performing the functions that an administrator would. Every user has direct access to the support team for any issues they might have.

Professional Services

Build additional functionality into your ALOE instance or your workflows at any time! Our professional services team is ready to help you optimize your workflows and automate your processes for your business. Get in touch today to talk to a legal operations expert and get a quote.

Support Packages

Implementation Services

Consulting and Customization

Included with your implementation, you’ll receive up to eight hours of consulting services to design and customize your ALOE instance.

Contract Templates (3)

ALOE will set up and fully implement up to three document templates. These pull fields input from your tickets and place them directly in your documents to save you time and decrease risk. Additional document templates can be configured for you through Professional Services.

Automated Workflows (3)

Each ALOE implementation plan includes up to three automated workflows (including approval workflows). Additional customized workflows may be purchased through Professional Services.

Custom-Built Reports (5)

Through your implementation, ALOE will develop up to five custom-built reports for you.