Bigfork Tech and our product ALOE have made the top 25 finalists for ABA TechShow’s Startup Alley! We are honored to be featured among the other finalists.

Bigfork Technologies was created by lawyers and Tech experts who used many legal operations tools over the years and wanted to create a tool that solved the problems that other tools caused. They took their experience as in-house attorneys and designed a tool that truly lightened the administrative load, increased compliance, and changed the way they work for the better.

Our product, ALOE, is the tool they developed. For the past three years, our team has been dedicated to helping in-house legal teams increase productivity and efficiency while decreasing errors and turn-around time. Just a few of the problems we have solved for our clients over the past three years are:

  • Smoothing the intake process. One of our customers has a high volume of sales contracts that used to be requested by email. Through our integrated intake forms, their large sales team has direct access to the legal team to input requests, and the sales contract turnaround for this client has reduced by more than 50%.
  • Increasing compliance. One non-profit customer rolled ALOE out to their entire company. Their contract terms include a high-degree of input from other departments to fulfill their obligations. Through ALOE, all teams manage their day-to-day work, and when a new contract is executed, the obligations are assigned and scheduled through ALOE to the correct people to ensure all the contract terms are met – without disrupting day-to-day operations.
  • Automating repetitive processes. While onboarding new customers, we review their workflows and processes to find placed where we can automate repetitive processes and send contract through specific steps based on the criteria input in the system. By removing the human-element of some of these static processes, attorneys can work on actual legal work, not the administrative details.

We have a lot of plans for improving user experiences with ALOE in 2021, and we are excited to share the new features we’re developing as they come available. A few things that our current and future customers can look forward to are: more nuanced templates, improved views and reports, simplified user experience and training, greater ability to change workflows on the fly, and more!

Vote for Bigfork today and keep an eye out for more announcements of our 2021 releases!

Brycellyn LaBorde

Brycellyn LaBorde

Operations Manager, Bigfork Technologies