Increase Productivity Through Automation in Manufacturing

Improve your bottom line with ALOE for manufacturing operations

Automation increases profits and workforce productivity in manufacturing perhaps more than any other industry. In the Industry 4.0 era, manufacturers are changing their operations to adopt many technology solutions. Often these solutions range from autonomous robots to embedded computing, to solutions to additive manufacturing like 3-D printing and more. The overwhelming choices for process improvement in this industry can create decision paralysis and keep companies from taking full advantage of the increased productivity technology affords.
Automating administrative tasks and process is cost-effective low-hanging fruit when it comes to taking the first steps toward increasing efficiency in your value chains. Collaboration is key to future success and increased profits. Because many departments work in silos, automation adds value by breaking down barriers and fostering collaboration.

“[Manufacturers can] capture value from the use of digital tools to organize schedules, cutting lead times, trimming in process inventories and ensuring that capacity is put to the most profitable use available.”

McKinsey, 2018
ALOE was created with efficiency in mind. Contract management and project management software is fully integrated and included under one system. Not only can you save time in your legal department with ALOE, but you can expand this same system throughout your organization to increase efficiency everywhere.
Increasing automation and productivity come hand-in-hand. ALOE comes as a complete package, with many integrations already included. You won’t need to add on expensive modules to get the functionality you need – full contract and project management and automated workflow functionality is already included.  Plus, we offer email and Docusign integrations out of the box.
What's included with ALOE

Maximize efficiency and resources for your mission with ALOE’s easy-to-use multi-functional platform

+ Eliminate needless paperwork and emails

+ Save time searching for documents

+ Break down workplace silos

+ Improve response times

+ Generate templates for standard documents like work orders, and vendor and purchase agreements

+ Negotiate contracts and streamline approvals

+ Track key performance indicators and compliance

+ Improve accuracy and risk management

+ Increase collaboration across departments