Simplify your in-house legal department

Streamline legal operations for in-house counsel with ALOE

  • How much time do you lose searching for missing contracts or looking through old emails?

  • How great is the frustration and risk associated with missing a deadline, filing the wrong document, or signing an old version of a contract?

  • How often do you lose sleep at night over these, and many other legal operations issues?

ALOE was created by in-house counsel who became frustrated with the available case and contract management software. Because we couldn’t find a system that fit our needs, we decided to build a system that actually works using our own legal experience.

A Game-Changer

ALOE legal automation reduces risk and allows you to sleep easy knowing that your client’s interests are protected. Keep track of documents, email correspondence, and workflows in one simple platform.

Built by the original GoDaddy in-house lawyers and tech experts with more than 70 years combined legal experience, ALOE empowers you to manage tickets from a basic email intake and/or web form all the way to completion. Track your legal documents every step of the way without digging through paperwork, emails and spreadsheets. With a few simple clicks, know the status of a particular ticket, approve a contract, be alerted to an approaching deadline, and identify any pain points in your workflow before they become a systemic problem. By automating administrative tasks, ALOE lets you get back to the business of law and focus on high value projects.

Created with efficiency in mind, ALOE Contract management and project management software is fully integrated and included under one system. Not only can you save time in your legal department with ALOE, but you can expand this same system throughout your organization to increase efficiency everywhere.
ALOE is the best legal case management software on the market because it comes as a complete package, with many integrations already included. You won’t need to add on expensive modules to get the functionality you need – full contract and project management and workflow functionality is already included. Plus, we offer email and Docusign integrations out of the box.
What's included with ALOE

Maximize efficiency and resources for your mission with ALOE’s easy-to-use multi-functional platform

+ Providing instant access to contracts, including all versions and stakeholder communications

+ Generating pre-approved templates and reducing the need to reinvent the wheel

+ Sharing versions of the contract with stakeholders

+ Facilitating effective collaboration

+ Obtaining approvals efficiently

+ Notifying parties automatically when documents are digitally signed

+ Reducing risk by removing the need to save, print, scan or mail hard copies of multiple versions of the documents

+ Assigning projects appropriately

+ Identifying pain points in your work processes

+ Storing critical corporate documents securely in the cloud

+ Tracking metrics and sharing them with your team and C-suite.

See how ALOE can save you time and money