Improve Patient Experience with Healthcare Software

Contract and project management for healthcare leaves more time for patients

Streamline your contract and project management so you can spend less time on administration and more time caring for your patients. Healthcare providers and support staff are under increasing pressure to do more with less, so we designed a solution. Our contract and project management software, ALOE, helps you meet these increasing demands and lowers your administrative costs. By automating workflows in a safe and secure manner, hospitals, healthcare companies, provider clinics, research institutions, and others can increase their administrative efficiency. In other words, you can get back to the business of patients.
Improve your productivity and save time and money by eliminating clunky manual processes so your team can focus on patient care and improving outcomes.

“Most provider systems have not fully harnessed the ability of technology to safely automate certain tasks even though doing so would free up clinical staff for more complex patient care services.”

McKinsey, 2019

Streamline your work processes and foster collaboration across your workforce. You can provide the best treatments and patient experiences by letting ALOE transform your healthcare delivery systems and put the focus on people rather than repetitive paperwork.

ALOE was created with efficiency in mind. Contract management and project management software is fully integrated and included under one system. Not only can you save time in your legal department with ALOE, but you can expand this same system throughout your organization to increase efficiency everywhere.
ALOE comes as a complete package, with many integrations already included. You won’t need to add on expensive modules to get the functionality you need – full contract and project management and workflow functionality is already included. Plus, we offer email and Docusign integrations out of the box.
What's included with ALOE

Maximize efficiency and resources for your mission with ALOE’s easy-to-use multi-functional platform

+ Eliminating needless paperwork and emails

+ Improving patient response times

+ Generating patient intake forms and more using templates

+ Increasing research and treatment collaboration

+ Creating ease in negotiating health care and provider contracts

+ Tracking key performance indicators and compliance

+ Improving accuracy and risk management