More states are beginning to phase their re-opening, and we in the business community now focused on what the ‘new normal’ is going to look like. Determining the best ways to ethically, operationally, and legally open the office doors is proving to be an enormous undertaking – one which does not have a standard roadmap to follow.

As our clients begin planning the return to the office, we’re finding the need for collaboration between many departments key to having a robust and thorough return to work plan.

  • Leadership is needed for a strong voice and direction
  • HR is needed for policy development, communication, and the understanding of benefits
  • Legal is needed to interpret federal, state, and local compliance
  • Facilities is critical for disinfecting, updating cleaning schedules, and worker safety
  • Operations is needed to monitor safety, adapt processes, and resource employees
  • Marketing and communications are needed to pivot the brand toward solving current pain points and assuring customers that your team is responsibly creating a safe environment for them and asking them what they need/building trust and loyalty

These are just some of the ways your company will work together to navigate a successful re-integration into in-person work. In the end, each of your employees is a participant in creating a safe and welcoming space for their coworkers and your customers and visitors.

This need for collaboration is coming at a critical point for many companies as many are attempting to ‘do less with more’ and cut costs (and in some cases, staff) while learning, adapting, and implementing new initiatives.

Leaning on technology to increase collaboration within your team or your organization helps everyone. Passing a project or task to another staffer is simpler when the status and all communication and documentation is stored in one place. Visibly seeing assignments and how each person’s work contributes to a larger goal gives value to an employee’s effort.

ALOE fosters collaboration by increasing visibility and keeping everything in one place. Not only can employees work together more easily, but ALOE also saves up to 10 hours a week per employee, letting you increase your team’s efficiency across the board.

Brycellyn LaBorde

Brycellyn LaBorde

Operations Manager, Bigfork Technologies