How learning pod leaders and working parents can navigate the obstacles of remote learning.

For parents and working parents, these tasks might include juggling a job, multiple kids’ school schedules, and more.

We developed ALOE Back to School software to meet the needs of these pod leaders and parents who are now engaging in a vastly different learning environment. Below is how ALOE can assist a learning pod leader, and all functionality can apply to parents managing their child’s schoolwork as well.

Homework Calendar

The homework calendar view provides a simple calendar so facilitators can easily see what assignments are due each day. Extra-curricular activities and practices can also be tracked in this view in the event the pod leader coordinates virtual music lessons or other activities during after-school care.

Back to School calendar
online learning bell schedule

Bell Schedule

The bell schedule outlines each student’s class periods for the day. Quickly identify what’s coming next and easily keep track of A/B schedules.


Each student has their own settings where you can place a parent contact. Whenever homework is coming due, is due, or is overdue, ALOE will automatically send a notification to the parent email and the student’s email to let them know the status of the assignment. This alleviates tracking and administrative time from the learning pod leader while maintaining consistent and informative communication.

Brycellyn LaBorde

Brycellyn LaBorde

Operations Manager, Bigfork Technologies