What Is an Intake Form?

Before we discuss why intake forms are so important, let’s define the word. An intake form collects all the necessary information an organization or department needs to properly assess and route an individual or request through a business process. Examples like client intake or project intake. Why is the client intake form so important? Your client intake form is a tool to obtain accurate and up-to-date information from a new client that you need to perform your job. This may include answering questions, locating paperwork, or providing usernames and passwords for certain applications.

The ALOE Difference

The legal request intake process has had plenty of room for improvement for a while now. Many organizations have used stopgaps to help the legal department manage requests, like online or paper/PDF forms for the requestors to fill out. ALOE has improved the system with automation so that the legal department can get the information it needs from requestors (and stop spending time chasing down information). At the same time, the requesting departments also see the benefits.

Automation isn’t going to make or break your requestor’s habits. Still, when paired with consistent intake practices, like online request forms, Docusign, and more, your requestors will get their requests fulfilled more quickly (and with less pain from the legal department). The most important part of an intake form is the implementation process. Prepare for your implementation by building an implementation team that can help you look at the software from the perspective of as many users as possible. Each position often has different needs, so finding the people that can speak to those needs well is important. Once you define your communicating department’s needs, your contract lifecycle management system should cater to those needs. Fortunately for Bigfork’s customers, we can adapt or remove any part of our customer’s intake forms as ALOE is fully customizable.

Is ALOE customizable?

ALOE also offers adaptable contract intake forms that speed up approval processes, enhance client satisfaction, and simplify writing. ALOE’s user-friendly features will simplify the contract intake process for your legal staff and clients. For new and current contracts, a straightforward contract intake procedure is essential to prevent misunderstandings and mistakes. The ALOE Intake Form is the second way to input information into ALOE. Whether you are a user of ALOE or not, you can use the Intake Form with the link.

Our contract management platform allows users to configure any customizable data fields that best serve them to ensure they receive the necessary details from the requestors.  Fields such as Request Title, Requested by, Assigned Buyer, Date for Fiscal Budget Year, Time logs, Request Amount, and much more populate an easily-navigable screen so requestors can easily provide the information required. For individuals reviewing and approving requests, because ALOE is all-in-one software, ALOE users and non-users can easily view and respond to that information in one place.

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