Downdetector, which tracks internet outages, showed significant spikes on Slack this afternoon. Slack also experienced a separate outage for some customers last night at approximately 8 p.m. ET, but said that issue had been resolved at 9:48 p.m. ET. When you’re working remote, companies like Slack have a large responsibility when it comes to team communication.

If you rely on one source of communication for work productivity…you’re vulnerable.

Communication From Home

Research shows that workers want flexibility in where they work and 93% want flexibility in when they work. We’re seeing more and more companies embracing a digital infrastructure but worried about how to actually get that done. When communication tools go down, for undetermined amounts of time, employees are typically still expected to work. Therefore, having a backup to peer-to-peer communication software is extremely important. Why wait until the problem starts? Using a project management tool or contract management tool that allows for communication within the software should be at the top of the list when shopping for the right tools. Automated workflows and the ability to comment directly on projects (despite Slack being down) is imperative toward a strong digital infrastructure

Tools To Stay Connected

Using project management software, like ALOE™ you will be able to track, who might be impacted by the project at hand. ALOE allows users to identify who will be carrying out specific tasks, allows commenting on task or sub-task, commenting within documents with its “Docu-edit” feature, and can even require approval before moving on to the next part of a task. By allowing that assignee to determine who else needs to finish their part of the task before moving forward, your team can work efficiently, coordinate, & communicate, despite not having a peer-to-peer chat log available.

So, to avoid your employees looking like this:

Consider finding a project management system or contract management system that allows your team to continue communicating.

Software for Hybrid Work Best Practices

The ALOE™ automation software by Bigfork Tech can streamline project management and contract lifecycle management. Perfect for small businesses or large organizations, ALOE offers numerous features to revamp business automation processes and optimize productivity. Regardless of whether ALOE is the right fit for you, consider these tips when deciding on your legal operations software.

You can read more about tips for managing a remote workforce here.

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