The last 18 months have required a lot of effort and flexibility from parents, teachers, school administration, and most of all, our kids. As schools around the country return to the classroom, there have been various pains in the return, whether that’s an influx of students, shifting class schedules, blended in-person/virtual classrooms, or messy, inconsistent bus schedules.

While we can’t soothe the pain of a school bus that doesn’t show up, our team at Bigfork Technologies developed a learning management platform specifically for parents. This tool was designed to address a few specific pain points parents are experiencing in today’s learning environment:

  • Managing / awareness of class schedules during virtual learning
  • Tracking homework due dates and large project dates
  • Calendaring extracurricular activities / seeing kids’ schedules all in one place (including bell schedules)
  • Maintaining a general understanding of what’s happening in the in-person classroom so that you can easily shift to virtual learning if necessary.

Check out how ALOE Back to School can help you be ready for anything this Fall.

We don’t know what the Fall will bring, but if we’ve learned anything over the last 18 months, it’s that flexibility is required and preparedness helps us transition quickly without immense stressors.

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Brycellyn LaBorde

Brycellyn LaBorde

Operations Manager, Bigfork Technologies